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 Covid-19 info  France is back open for business again but the virus has not gone away. It could still come back. Hotels, large and small, are bound by strict sanitation rules to prevent a resurgence, but there is no such thing as zero-risk. The risks are, nonetheless, mathematically smaller in smaller hotels, with less rooms and less guests, than they are in big hotels. Besides, independent establishments, particularly those that are family-run, have a huge interest in making sure they remain virus-free, as their very survival could depend on it. Many of the small hotels listed on iHi are in small towns and villages, or even out in the back of beyond, where the virus never showed up even at the height of the pandemic.

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Hotels in the Charentes, Dordogne,  & Aquitaine
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Hotels in the Charentes

Hotels in the Dordogne

Hotels in Bordeaux area and south

Secure booking

iHi works in partnership with in order to offer online booking in English at best Internet rates. However some hotels listed in this directory do not use booking sites, and must  be booked directly with the hotel by email or telephone.
Online booking generally requires a credit card in order to secure a reservation; generally speaking, payment will not be debited in advance of your stay, but made directly to the hotel on departure.

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Hotel star ranking in France:

   Stars are usually a guide to quality, but not always, since in France they are attributed in function of amenities and services provided, but not necessarily the quality of those amenities. The system was revised in 2009, and though it is now more flexible than before, the classification still remains amenity based , rather than quality based. This directory includes several  hotels which, in terms of quality, do not have as many stars as one might expect.

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A choice of hotels

Charentes, Dordogne and Aquitaine: Small hotels you'll enjoy staying in, and hotels to remember. A hand-picked selection of hotels, from simple two star hotels to four or five star hotels, all offering a calm, friendly and relaxing environment.

All hotels listed are reasonably priced for hotels of their quality and in their area.
This page covers the area of southwestern France around the city of Bordeaux, including such areas as the Dordogne, western Gascony and the Charentes.

Recommend a hotel

welcomes suggestions from travellers and hotel owners. iHi  lists only independent small hotels, generally with no more than 40 rooms, and often far less; priority is given to hotels with character in town or country locations, and other independent hotels offering good value for money. All hotels listed are the subject of very favourable reviews, and are recommended by guests who have stayed in them.

Hôtels in the cities of Aquitaine and the Charentes

If you are looking for a city hotel in Aquitaine, iHi sugests that you go directly to a booking portal where you will be presented with a  large choice of hotels of all types - chains and indepe"ndents, bug and small.
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Area tourist  information for the southwest of France
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