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Listing with iHi is FREE 
for most hotels

a good and calm independent hotel in France, Spain, Italy or the UK.
If you have stayed in a small independent hotel that you think ought to be in this directory, contact iHi with details.  See signup information below

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The options Partner formula Indirect formula Commercial formula
Listing fee - per calendar year  FREE FREE 60 € or � 50
Commissions  None Yes None
Other terms A text link back to iHi from the home page or page footer of your hotel's website  None None 

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The details

The Partner formula is completely free, and will remain free. No fees, no commissions, no surprises.  Hotels signing up as iHi partners get direct links to their hotel website from iHi directory pages.
    This means that hotels do not have to pay any commission on bookings made by customers who come in through iHi.
    To sign up as a partner, first check that your hotel or guest-house meets the iHi quality criteria. You will need to add a text-link back to the iHi site from your website's home page or page footer.

The indirect formula - no listing fees, no annual charge.
Hotels listed indirectly do not get a direct link to their own website. Instead iHi will send visitors through to the hotel's page on either or on
  This formula is for hotels that do not have a website, or prefer to get bookings through a booking portal, rather than directly – specially visitors from other countries who do not necessarily speak the same language.
  There will be no way of knowing if visitors were originally sent to your portal page by iHi or by whatever other way. For hotels, they will just be reservations from or from, and normal commission will be charged by the portal (typically at least 15%). There is no additional charge from iHi..

The commercial formula is similar to the partner formula, but there is no obligation to include a text link back to iHi from the hotel's home page. The listing fee covers the calendar year from 01/01 until 31/12.  Discounts may apply in the first year of listing, depending on when the hotel signs up.
   iHi links directly to the hotel's website, so hotels avoid the costly commissions charged by reservation sites on any customers coming from iHi.

iHi is a unique Internet directory for small  independent hotels
offering the option of totally free listings

Founded in 2006, iHi is well visible on the Internet, thanks to its unique partnerships with tourism websites for the UK, France and Spain
Among iHi partners is, probably the leading tourism information site for France in English  (over 4 million visitors a year).

To sign up ..

Check out that your hotel meets our listing criteria,
Then use the email link below to send us a short description of your hotel, and if you want, a small photo.
If signing up as a partner or as an indirect partner, and once we have checked your application, we will send you details of the  short link back to iHi that you will have to include on your home page. The link back will be a discrre text link; you may add the iHi logo, but this is not required.

Go straight to  signup form (in English)   or   Formulaire d'inscription (en fran�ais)

Privacy: iHi does not store or share any personal information

Listing criteria for iHi  :
  • Hotel size: Maximum 40 rooms ( or a few more in cities or resorts)
  • Locations: UK, France, Italy, Spain
  • No chain hotels. iHi only lists independent hotels .  
    Affiliation to a referral chain (Logis , Inter Hotels etc. ) is no problem.
  • Hotel style: iHi can list any hotel corresping to the quality guidelines and listing criteria. We list hotels from 0 stars to 5 stars, and are particularly specialised in hotels in quiet locations, hotels with character, and country hotels. iHi reserves the rright to accept or refuse any application.

Commission and the small hotel...

How much are you losing in commission paid to online booking hotel booking portals?
A small hotel with an theoretical annual turnover on room sales of 200,000 €uros can easily lose 20,000 € in commission. That's 10% of turnover, and a lot more than 10% of profit margin. Some of this can be avoided by listing a hotel free of charge with iHi, just as long as it meets our criteria. Send us a short objective description of your hotel (no hype) and a small photo too if you want. As long as your submission is approved, all you need to do in order to be listed with iHi  is to provide a short link back to iHi from your hotel website.  We'll provide further details when we have approved your proposal.

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