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Wales and the Westcountry are among the popular tourist areas of Britain, and offer a good range of small independent hotels, including many traditional inns. These regions have plenty of attractive coastline, with popular seaside resorts, plus a very attractive rural hinterland: the Westcountry is characterised by its old towns, small villages and rolling hill country, Wales by its higher hills and mountains, which are very popular with hikers.
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For the purposes of this directory, the Westcountry includes the counties of Avon, Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, Devonshire and Cornwall.

Character, quality, value. iHi is a directory of small traditional independent hotels with character, offering good value for money and a friendly welcome. The selection includes traditional inns, pubs with accommodation, classic hotels, country houses,some b&bs and even a four-star youth hostel. iHi does not offer a vast choice of hotels, nor a narrow choice of chic and expensive boutique hotels, nor just a list of budget hotels.... but a carefully selected choice of addresses for all tastes, from refined luxury to rustic simplicity.
Price guide and key
All hotels listed on iHi offer good or reasonable value compared to other hotels of similar quality  in their area .
 €  - Not too expensive: very good value for money.
€€€ Rooms for two usually over £100 / 130 € a night.
Hotels with no price information are generally in between.
  Pub / inn accommodation, the traditional British inn.
  Hotel in a rural location. 
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Reservations / booking. iHi is an information website, not a booking platform.  To check prices and make bookings, you will be taken either to a hotel's own independent website, or to one of our partners and  where you can book and pay in English or in your own language. iHi has no booking software and takes no part in any booking process.
   While and guarantee unbeatable rates, many smaller hotels have a fixed rate for their rooms, meaning that visitors will get the best rate whatever way they choose to book.

Cancellation and payment:

In most cases the online booking sites with which iHi is partnered allow free cancellation and do not require payment in advance. A credit card is normally required to secure a booking as a guarantee for the hotels in case visitors  book a room but do not show up. Most hotels will charge the customer on arrival or on departure, according to their standard policy..

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