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Carefully chosen independent hotels on the outskirts of Paris

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 The outskirts of Paris
Small hotels that you'll love staying in
suburbs of Paris

Easy access to central Paris - Hotels in walking distance* of a train metro or RER station - the iHi selection

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* Walking distance: less than one mile / less than 1500 metres.

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Independent budget hotel - up to three star level
Small hotel with character, and a maximum of 30 rooms
Character hotel, up to three stars, with more than 30 rooms
Mid-range modern independent hotel - three or four stars.
Upscale or luxury independent hotel or boutique hotel

All chosen hotels are or have ...

  Easy access by road

P  Vehicle parking  

  Close to public transport

A few hundred metres to train, metro or RER (express transit)  for central Paris.

 Good reviews 

Only hotels that have good customer reviews **

The more attractive residential suburbs of Paris are mainly to the west and the south of the city. The northern suburbs are more industrial and commercial

** Customer reviews
With a few justified exceptions, iHi does not list hotels with a average customer review score below "good". Most properties listed on iHI have scores of over 8/10. reviews are genuine, as they can only be written following a stay in the hotel.

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