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Small hotels in SPAIN

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A totally independent selection of small Spanish hotels with character.  

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A totally independent selection of good small hotels throughout Spain

A carefully chosen independent customer-led selection of good value hotels with character

This hotel selection is quite independent : and listing with iHi is not open to all independent hotels - far from it.
Unlike most directories, hotels cannot just pay to be listed or featured with iHlists only independent small hotels - and in the case of Spain - some hotels from small chains that respect the individuality of each hotel. To be listed, all hotels must meet a range of quality, location and price criteria, good quality good value hotels for independent travellers.  
For Spain, iHi lists come hotels belonging to small  independent chains, for the simple reason that in quite a few Spanish towns, we do not know of any independent hotels meeting our criteria; and rather than offer travellers no hotels at all in these towns, iHi considers it to be more useful to list the small hotels that come nearest to meeting our criteria, even if they are not independent.

Useful information about Spanish hotels.

The Spanish hotel classification system
The classification of Spanish hotels runs from five stars to no stars.  The Spanish, as a nation, enjoy good quality hotels, with the result that even in small Spanish towns one may come across exuberant four-star or even five-star hotels of the kind that one would not find in many small towns in France or the UK.  
are not hostels, but small guest houses, with normally no more than ten rooms; in most cases, they are run by live-in owners. Classifications for hostales exist, but vary according from province to province. In some provinces the classification of hostales runs from zero to three stars; in others only to two stars. With some hostales, star ranking is inappropriate, since it is based on amenities rather than on the unquantifiable convivial qualities that can be more easily found in small establishments than in big hotels..


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