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s�lection d'h�tels ind�pendants en Europe

Selected Travel sites:
Just a short list of other reliable and useful travel sites on the Internet
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  • A very substantial website about France, covering tourism and travel, paris and the French regions, where to stay in France, how to get round + plus a whole section of French life and society and a clearly illustrated grammar of the French language.
  • Auvergne-web + A short guide to the Auvergne region of France, its towns and areas, with a topographical map.
  • Backpacking in Latin America + Information and personal experiences on backpacking in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.
  • Europe Travel Directory + Europe Travel Directory - catalogue of travel and tourism related websites in Europe.
  • Globtrotters club + A well-established web directory, with a large corpus of websites of interest to independent travellers around the world, with newsletter, information, advice.
  •  .. Travelhops Travel Search Engine Directory
  • Tripadvisor :  the unavoidable travel and accommodation review site; reviews for hundreds of thousands of addresses, sites and attractions. Though take care; reviews can be posted by people who have never been there or stayed there, so owners and managers can trumpet their own attraction or accommodation, and trash their rivals
  • Willgoto, World travel directory and travel guide  +
  • World Travel Packages Directory - A world of travel packages and vacation guides located across the Internet. A one-stop-shop to find all the best websites for your travel requirements. 

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